2nd Grade Supply List

EduKits also available to order until August 5th

2nd Grade  

1  box colored pencils, 12 ct.

1  set washable markers, broad trip, 8 ct.

1  set dry erase markers  (4 pack)

2  canisters pop-up disinfecting wipes, 35 ct. (for surfaces not hands)

1  boxes facial tissue,  hypo-allergenic 160 ct.

24  # 2 pencils, sharpened, all wood

1 24-count box of crayons

2  wide-ruled composition notebooks  (black)

2  1- inch binders with insertable cover – white only

2   4-packs of glue sticks

2  reams white copy paper

2 box band aides

1 big pink eraser

4 black sharpies, fine tip

1 heavy duty poly folder, 2 pockets

1 plain, sturdy, canvas bag with handles that can hold books and binder, about 13.5″ x 14# x 3.25″ – Reusable shopping bags do not work. Do NOT write on it in any way!

Earbuds or Headphones

$20 supply fee (for other materials that teachers will purchase including Scholastic News)