Advanced Kindergarten

DSC_9381Advanced Kindergarten classrooms are designed for students who are academically advanced for their age with exceptional curiosity, attention span, interests, and verbal or mathematical ability. It was developed so the students who already know much of the kindergarten curriculum do not have to repeat it.

These classrooms provide a full-day curriculum that start at an advanced learning level, enrich the curriculum, and move at a faster pace. You are encouraged to visit Advanced Kindergarten and traditional Kindergarten classrooms to see how they differ. The Advanced Kindergarten Program is a part of the full-day Tuition Based Kindergarten .

Children in Advanced Kindergarten show the following traits:

  • Facility with numbers or words
  • Able to use learning in new contexts
  • Curiosity
  • Extensive vocabularies
  • Solves problems in unique ways
  • Good memories
  • Fast learners
  • Sustained attention spans
  • Works independently
  • Socially advanced

The Advanced Kindergarten program is NOT an identifier for the Gifted and Talented or Highly Gifted and Talented programs.

Students must by five years old by October 1st of the year they enter kindergarten.

Please visit the DPS website for more information about the AK program.

Applications are traditionally due in early October, please visit the DPS website for application information and dates.

Advanced Kindergarten is one of many strong programs at Bill Roberts, watch our school video for more reasons to send your student to our school!


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