Parent Portal


Online registration is now open!

Hi Bill Roberts Families,

Please excuse this interruption in summer vacation for this very important and lengthy announcement!  Please read to the end!

Online verification, registration, is now accessible on Parent Portal. It is like Christmas in July for Secretaries!

I see that some of you have already registered online!  That is fantastic!  Keep them coming as I have over 900 to go, and my goal this year is to have 97% of you complete registration online!

To begin the registration process, log into your Parent Portal account using a PC, in either Chrome or Firefox, as these browsers have been working the best.  You might have better luck than I did, but I had to clear my cache and cookies, and ultimately opened an incognito window by hitting Ctrl + Shift + n.

Once you get in, click on the “Online School Verification” tab, it is on the left hand side, 2nd tab down.  The directions this year are clear, but if you have questions, please feel free to email me at

A few families received an error, and it wouldn’t let them finish the registration page they were working on. DPS knows about it, and is working on the problem, but after I got the error, I tried again, and I was able to complete registration.

I have been sending the automated phone calls out, because not every family has an email address in our system yet.  When you are registering, please make sure that you are entering an email address, and at the very minimum, clicking the “general” box, but the text box is handy too.  Parents really liked that option last year.  We send out school communications at least once a week and they are typically sent through email, not phone calls. Once you register, I stop calling you, and I have set it up so DPS won’t call you either.  (You’re welcome!)

If you need access to a computer, the district has computer kiosks located around the city.  Click here to find one near you:

If you would like to use a school computer, please make an appointment starting July 31st by emailing

If you have a change of address, the best way is to scan it to me, and I will change it, or you can bring it to the school starting July 31st.  The sooner the better, especially if you are trying to get a bus route.  Proof of address can be a mortgage document, lease agreement or a utility bill with a service address on it.  Some of you might need to change, add or delete emergency contacts, child care, a secondary household, add new family members or respond to a question that the system would not let you change. The easiest way is to email me the change.  If it is to add an emergency contact, please include first and last name, relationship to the student and a phone number.

If you are paying tuition, and you have had a change in status since January, that might affect  what you will be charged, please come in and fill out a change of status form starting July 31st.  If it is a change in income, I will need 30 consecutive days of pay check stubs.

If your child has new immunizations since last year, the nurse will gladly accept an updated copy before school starts.

If you have not created a Parent Portal account yet, you will need your student’s DPS ID number.  Please email to get that information, I will then email you the number and instructions on how to get your account set up.

If you are no longer planning to attend Bill Roberts, please email me at, and I will email you a withdrawal form to complete.

Please get registration done as soon as you can.  I am a little competitive, love seeing that Roberts has the most online registrations in, and it just makes me happy!

Jenny Kahn, Bill Roberts Registrar


Report cards… teacher information… schedules… bus information… standardized test scores… transcripts… grades… and more! (Note: Student Health Forms link here)

You can now access your student’s report card on the DPS Parent Portal.

Once you log in:

  • Click on the grades tab on the left, underneath your child’s picture.
  • After it loads, you will be able to click on the course title highlighted in blue.
  • The term 1 grades are highlighted in green. If you hover over the grade, you can see the name of the standard that has been graded, the teacher’s name, and comments, if they put them in for that specific standard.

If you are having trouble logging into Portal, have forgotten your username, password, or something is wrong with your account, please email

If you have not created a Parent Portal account yet, you will need your student’s DPS ID number.  Please email to get that information.  Once you have that number, you can click on this link to get started:

It typically takes about 24-48 hours to get an email back from the DPS Portal team to finish setting up your account. Check in your spam/junk files to make sure it didn’t end up there. If you just need help resetting your password, please email

Here are the steps to request a Parent Portal account

1.  Visit

2.  Click on the “Getting Started” tab.

3.  Completely fill out the online form. You will need an email address to complete the process.
4.  If possible, enter all of your students during the same initial session for setup as there have been occasional glitches when saving and going back into the Portal to enter additional students. If you currently have an account and need help with your user name or password, go to the Portal’s login page and click “forgot username or password.” **Please note: it could take up to 5-7 business days to open your account, especially during “peak season” of Choice and Registration, so don’t wait, get your account now!

What to expect after you submit the online form to the DPS Parent Portal Team

1.  If the information you submit matches the information in our student data system, you will receive an email from the DPS Portal Team with a link to activate your account. Click the link, and you will receive another email with your username and password (please check junk, spam, etc. if you do not receive it in your inbox).

2.  If information is missing from the form or doesn’t match what is in the student data system, you will receive an email or call from the Parent Portal Team before your account request can be processed.

Report cards are available on Parent Portal

The school will not be print report cards (with a few exceptions).  This will save valuable time and money through staff hours, paper and thousands of envelopes!

Directions to print report cards via Portal:

a. Log in to your Portal account.

b. Click on the “Reports and Transcripts” tab.

c. Click on the PDF file that says “SBPR report card” and it will take you to the page that will allow you to print.

If you have Parent Portal questions, please email our Bill Roberts registrar: