BR-8197-AndersandIzzy-e1397073933568Handy Terms to Know

Our school uses a lot of words and acronyms! Here are the quick definitions and links to more information:

504 plan (IEP) – An education plan outlining modifications and accommodations needed by a student with a qualified disability. (Individual Education Plan – IEP)

Advanced Learning Plan (ALP)  - Describes the strategies that are being used throughout the school year to meet the need of the Gifted and Talented (GT) students, who are identified by testing and teacher recommendation.

Auction – Spring fundraiser and community party generates the more than half of the funds the PTA uses to support the school’s annual needs.  (See the Auction web page.)

Balarat – DPS outdoor education center near Lyons, Colorado, that we use for our 5th Grade team building field trip.

C.A.T.S. – Contribute Automatically to School, the PTA’s direct giving fundraising effort to supplement the DPS budget and enhance our school’s educational opportunities.

Common Core Standards – A nationwide set of clear educational standards for students from kindergarten through 12th grade in language arts and mathematics.  They were designed to ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to enter either college or the workforce.  Colorado adopted the Common Core Standards in 2010.

CSC – Collaborative School Committee works with principal and staff to guide the curriculum and decide how the PTA funds are spent. (See the CSC web page.)

Deeper Level Thinking – Teaching cognitive thinking strategies to encourage students to be able to explain their thinking and problem solve in order to find the solution.

Direct Giving – Our fall fundraiser that generates a large portion of the annual PTA grant funds to support the school. (See the Direct Giving web page.)

DPSDenver Public Schools

DRADevelopmental Reading Assessment is the district’s classroom based K-3rd grade reading test given three times each year.

ECEEarly Childhood Education.

ESL or ELA - English as a Second Language (ELS) and/ or English Language Acquisition (ESL) refer to the district program that provides students with the English language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing – that they need to participate fully in the school’s mainstream English instructional programs.

Enrichment – Optional after-school classes that are fee-based and organized by a locally owned company. Enrichment options vary throughout the year to include sports, music, cooking, art, Lego building, and more. (See the Enrichment web page.)

Golden Ticket – Part of our positive behavior system, where teachers can teach and acknowledge student effort in the PROUD areas (Prepared, Respectful, Outstanding Effort, United Community, Determined).

GT  – Gifted and Talented program provides supplemental education as needed on site at Bill Roberts. (Also see the Gifted and Talented Education web page.)

Individualized Educational Program (IEP) - A written document developed by the school and parent for a child identified as disabled under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act that describes the child’s abilities and needs and prescribes educational placement and services.

Infinite Campus (IC) – An online student information system provided by Denver Public Schools.

Intervention (RTI – Response to Instruction/Intervention) – Describe the system of support our school uses for students who may be showing they need extra support academically and/or behaviorally. The foundation of the RTI process at Bill Roberts is high-quality instruction and universal screening of all children in our school. Visit the Intervention page for more specifics on this program.

Kaleidoscope Corner (KC) – An on-site, licensed, school-age childcare program providing care before and after school. (See the KC web page.)

LEAP – Leading Effective Academic Practice – a multiple measure evaluation for teachers to assess performance. Principal, peer and student assessment happens twice each year.

PAARC – Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, the state standardized testing that will replace TCAP in 2015. For more info, visit

Para or Para-professional – Teaching assistants that help in the classroom. All grade levels have paras for classroom support for some portion of the day depending on the class sizes and school budget. All ECE and Kindergarten classes have a dedicated para in each class. Most of our paras hold advanced degrees or teaching licenses.

Parent Portal – The DPS online resource that provides parent information on their student’s progress.

PBIS – Positive Behavior Intervention and Support is the discipline approach used in our school to teach positive and appropriate behavior.

Platooning – Describes the practice in which students are assigned two teachers as a team: literacy (reading and writing) is taught by a dedicated literacy teacher and math, science and social studies are taught by a teacher who specializes in those areas.  Bill Roberts platoons from 2nd through 5th grade.

PLC – Professional Learning Community – teacher professional development in literacy and instruction that takes place for staff every Friday afternoon.

Project Based Learning – Purposefully integrated curriculum that uses group work, from research through completion and presentation skills that strengthen learning across several subject areas.

PTA – Parent Teacher Association – Fundraises, promotes volunteerism and strengthens the school community. (See the PTA web page.)

PROUD – Our motto, an acronym for Prepared, Respectful, Outstanding Effort, United Community, Determined – promoting a culture of caring and respectful behavior and ensuring a safe environment for students.

Restaurant Nights – For our school families where a percentage of the sales are donated to the school by restaurants.

RISE! – Middle School mantra: Rigorous and Responsive Curriculum, Innovative Instruction, Small Community, Encouraging and Supportive

RTI(Response to Instruction/Intervention) – Describe the system of support our school uses for students who may be showing they need extra support academically and/or behaviorally. The foundation of the RTI process at Bill Roberts is high-quality instruction and universal screening of all children in our school.

Schema - What a child already knows or has done. They can then connect new information they learn to their existing “schema” or knowledge.

Specials – Classes taught by school-wide specialist teachers rather than a student’s regular classroom teacher. Specials at Bill Roberts include Art, Music, Spanish, Drama, Library/Technology and Physical Education.

SLD – Specific Learning Disabilities. Bill Roberts provides supplemental services for special needs students. Please visit the Specialized Instruction page for more information.

SPF – School Performance Framework is a district-wide rating system for the schools. Link to more info here!

Thursday Notes – Our school’s weekly email newsletter that is put together by the PTA. Subscribe online here or view recent editions on the Notes web page.

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