Uniform Dress Code & Spirit Wear

Order Spirit Wear Online: Bill Roberts Spirit Wear Website!


“I am the parent of a new kindergartener. The teachers are awesome and very easy to communicate with. We can get all the information in time either from the class website or by emails. I also love the school uniform policy to make us survive in the crazy busy morning, especially when you have two girls. Thanks, Bill Roberts!” 
—Submitted by a parent

Uniform Dress Code

Middle School students can wear spirit wear shirts with dress code bottoms every day. Elementary students can wear spirit wear shirts on Fridays. New spirit wear will be available on the Bill Roberts Spirit Wear website this summer and available for pick up at the office the week before school starts.

You can order Spirit Wear online at

Dress Code Shirts
Solid colors only:
light blue, black, white, burgundy/maroon, grey or navy

  • Collared shirts, Solid colors only, NO patterns including plaid
  • Polo or button down shirt
  • Must be worn under sweaters, vests, jackets
  • Size appropriate not too tight or too loose (No tight shirts or cleavage)
  • Sweaters need to be a solid color
  • Middle School students may wear Spirit Wear shirts from the Bill Roberts Spirit Wear collection available at the school’s online store
  • Middle School girls may also wear the Short Sleeve Ribbon Bow Blouse from French Toast (Item 1407G or 1407N) in White

Dress Code Bottoms
Solid colors only:
black, navy, grey or khaki

  • No cargo pants/shorts
  • No sagging
  • No patterns including plaid
  • No jean/denim material of any color
  • Pants cannot have pocket style of jeans or cargo pants
  • Tights and leggings can be worn underneath skirts or dresses
  • No tight pants (including yoga pants), skinny cut pants or jeggings
  • Size appropriate-not too tight or too loose
  • JUST FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS: Either the Plaid Pleated Skirt (Item 1065G or 1065N) or the Plaid Two Tab Scooter (Item 1397G or 1397N) in the blue red plaid from French Toast.com.  Please note that it must be in the blue red plaid.
  • JUST FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL BOYS: Belted Cargo Short (Item 1475F or 1475L) from French Toast.com

Solid colors:
black, navy or khaki

  • Tights and leggings may be worn
  • No shorter than 3” above knee or above the finger tips


  • Closed toe
  • No sandals or flip-flops
  • Boots ok
  • No slippers (soft soles)

Solid colors:

black, navy, khaki, grey, burgundy/maroon

  • Students are permitted to wear jackets and/or sweatshirts outside as weather permits.
  • Students must put items in lockers when they are inside the building.


  • JUST FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS: Adjustable Plaid Cross Tie (Item 10754) in blue red plaid from French Toast
  • JUST FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL BOYS: Adjustable Plaid Tie (Item No. 10302 or 10303) in the blue red plaid or the Plaid Full Make Tie (Item 11333) in the blue red plaid from French Toast
  • Knee Socks are also available from French Toast

Store of your choice

Parents can buy the uniform/dress code pieces at a store of their choice as long as it meets the requirements of the uniform/dress code. Uniform dress code clothing can be found at AmazonSmile.com, Lands End, French Toast.com, WalMart, Kmart, JC Penney’s, and the Gap, among other stores.  Middle school options are available at French Toast.com with the exception of the Cargo shorts which may be purchased anywhere.

If you purchase at French Toast.com using the code QS5VVXE we will earn 5% cash back to our school!