My 2nd grader came home on the third day of school totally jazzed about what he did in the SMART Lab. “I can build ANYTHING,” he said. His 5th grade sister then told me all about it and said it was ‘So cool!’ which is high praise from my tween daughter. – Submitted by a Parent

Bill Roberts was one of only three DPS schools to earn a Campos SMARTLab in 2016! We are excited to use this engaging program where students explore STEM and media arts through applied technology and project-based learning.

It’s a fully-integrated learning environment where everything from the furniture and technology to curriculum and assessment work together to support hands-on, minds-on learning. It’s a place where personalized learning and intrinsic motivation engage students of all ages, interests and abilities.

All K-8 students have the opportunity to experience our new SMARTLab! Each will visit five peninsulas to complete various experiences in the areas of:

• Snap Circuits (Electricity & Engineering)

• ZomeTool (Structure Crea9on with Polygons)

• K’Nex – Simple Machines

• Legos – Robotics

• Animatoonish/Pixie – Digital Educaton

As students complete more experiences, they become more intricate with increased level of difficulty.