Our school offers Spanish for all ECE through 8th grade students.

ECE through 5th graders study the DPS Novice Curriculum, which includes three different lesson plans adapted to developmental stage.

6th grade students study the Teaching with Comprehensible Input curriculum, highly recommended by DPS World Languages department.

Students from ECE to 6th grade receive a six-week rotating class block with classes once a week.

7th and 8th grade students also follow the Teaching with Comprehensible Input (TCI) curriculum but receive Spanish all year long twice, three times or four times a week.

Teaching Approach

Bill Roberts Spanish program is an enthusiastic and active member of DPS World Languages Department.

We focus on acquiring language, which happens when the learner is focused on the meaning of the message rather that how the language works. Acquisition means relying on what sounds right, versus learning the grammatical rules of the language.

Language acquisition leads to fluency and ease of expression. We want our students to be fluent. We plan our class activities based on these elements.


Summative assessment takes place once a year in the spring to determine progress and proficiency level. Formative assessment takes place every day in class via teacher-student interaction. Because the TCI approach considers listening and interacting in Spanish the most important element for language acquisition, evaluation happens every day in class based on student responses and level of interpersonal interaction with the teacher.