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  • Entries are due by Mondays before 5 pm to be included in the next Thursday edition. If an entry comes after 5 pm, it will automatically go in the following week.
  • Any entry may  be edited for length or fit/tone/voice.
  • An entry will usually run two weeks max so that we are staying relevant with “new” news for our families.
  • Policy on Enrichment/Camps/Community:
    • Due to the large amount of requests we receive, programs/events will only be listed if the program or event is happening at Bill Roberts. As always, it is at the discretion of the BR administration which community events or programs outside of school-sponsored activities will run in this section. Listings of community events and programs are not an endorsement by the school of the host organization.
    • We are extremely grateful to our sponsors who help support our children’s education and will feature their logos, news and website links in Notes. For sponsorship information, please visit the Sponsor Page and consider joining a great group of our friends!