Roberts Middle School #1 in the boundary and #2 in the District as rated by DPS School Performance Framework 

Denver Public Schools just released its School Performance Framework report cards for its 165 schools, and we are excited to report that Roberts Middle School received a score of 83%, ranking it as the highest performing Middle School in the Stapleton/Park Hill Boundary and second in the District.  As a K-8 school including both elementary and middle school performance together, we are placed in the top 11% among all Denver Public Schools.

One interesting point of note is that both of the top-performing Middle Schools in the District are part of larger K-8 schools.  NPR recently reported on the benefits of a K-8 education for both students remaining in and entering into a middle school that is part of a larger K-8 school.

You can see the K-8 research article here:

“We are proud to provide a place for our students to be academically challenged, while also being able to meet their social and emotional needs,” remarked Erik Cohen, Assistant Principal.

Roberts elementary continued its long-standing successful performance with a score of 69%.  4 of the 5 elementary schools in Stapleton received scores that were within roughly 5 percentage points of one another.

The School Performance Framework is the District’s most comprehensive grading system for its schools incorporating student achievement, student growth performance and parent and student engagement and satisfaction.  It is calculated through usage of performance data (PARCC) and direct surveying.   To access the SPF, please visit:  Please note: elementary and middle school specific scores for K-8 schools are only available through the District and School Administrators.

Please note: in the November Front Porch article, incorrect scores were reported for Roberts Middle School (“PARCC Tests: What Teachers, Principals, DPS and Parents Think”).  The Front Porch corrected the error in the December issue:

“Bill Roberts Middle School’s PARCC score for English Language Arts (ELA) scores should have shown growth as 82%. It was incorrectly shown as 55%. Also the scores for middle school math proficiency and math growth were reversed. The corrected chart is posted at (click link here).”

Also read more details about the SPF scoring for Bill Roberts in a letter from the school – click here.