Whole Child Education

We are excited to share great news on the results of the Denver Public Schools Whole Child education survey. Last Spring, students in grades 3-8th were provided with a DPS survey that focused on their feelings around their educational journey.

Students were asked questions about to how they felt in the areas of Challenge, Engagement, Health, Safety, Social/Emotional Intelligence and Support at their school. Our results included:

  • Highest overall score in grades 6th-8th among other Middle Schools in our boundary area
  • 100% of our MS students believe they are getting a good education, that homework is valuable and the homework supports what they  learn, and that their teachers care about how they are doing
  • 3rd-5th graders feedback for the social-emotional category was extremely high, with 94.4 % of the kids saying that they felt very positive and safe emotionally at school
  • 97% of the students responded positively to “I am taught to respect people who are different than me.”

We are PROUD of the Whole Child educational efforts we continue at Bill Roberts so that all students can recognize and honor individual differences as unique strengths.