Friday Message

Posted August 29, 2020

Good Day Families, 

Rare, unusual, odd, erratic, abnormal, and even disturbing may be the start of a few descriptive words to explain the past few months. Exciting, exhausting, rejuvenating, and uplifting are a few of the words to describe the past five days.  The staff has worked determinedly to generate plans to sustain a rigorous academic instructional program while teaching in a remote environment.  During the past week, educators, parents and students have worked in partnership to establish a promising learning environment.  I celebrate everyone’s effort in coming together as a team and working with us.

In the 20-21 school year we re-enter school stronger, more confident and more determined than ever before to deliver an outstanding remote learning education.  For now, this is the new standard for learning, but not the one we would choose. What I have learned through this entire period is how much we need to lean on each other, ask for help, and realize that we seldom have all of the answers.  I have learned to appreciate the little things in life that at times in the past I may have taken for granted.  Gestures like giving a high five,  a reassuring smile,  a squeeze of acceptance,  a giant hug or being able to laugh out loud are the simple gifts that many people provide  that bring enormous warmth.  What I MOST appreciate about Bill Roberts is how even under circumstances we have never experienced before we are still a learning and caring community that values the small things that really matter.

Please see important information below.  

Have a wonderful weekend!


Trich, Eric and Katheryn

Coming Up:

First Day of School (Remote Learning) was on August 24, 2020 (Especially important for new families)

  • Classroom Teachers will email you schedules 
  • Please make sure if you have a young child, that you know exactly where and how to log in for Monday morning.
  • We strongly encourage you to watch the SEESAW videos provided by the district; that should be in your parent portal.  Your child’s homeroom teachers may have also provided it to you.

Eat & Give

The Supper Bell 

August 24th-September 4th

Families are welcome to start pre ordering on August 23rd. 

The code is BILLROBERTS20

20% of sales will go back to Bill Roberts!

Chipotle, Town Center

August 31st 4-8 pm

33% of sales will go back to Bill Roberts!

ONLINE orders enter D7YMQ3W or mention BR for take-out

School Supplies

A few items from the school supply kits are on backorder. We will distribute these items to families when they arrive. If you still need to pick up school supplies please contact June Jose ( so schedule a time to pick up supplies.  Thank you for your patience.


If you still need to exchange your iPad or Chromebook, need a new device or need device repair please email 

Uniforms Expectations

While students are not expected to be in uniform during remote instruction, they should still dress appropriately; i.e. no pajamas.