School Supplies for the 2021-2022 School Year

Posted July 27, 2021


Kindergarten-5th Grade 

The classroom supply lists for the 2021-2022 school year are now posted on We encourage everyone to purchase this way. MySchoolBucks is also used for lunch credits and some class field trips. You will need to know your students’ ID.

For any questions, please contact June Jose 

Middle School

The middle school has families buy school supplies individually and then drop them off at orientation in August.  Please do your best to purchase the specified colors as we color code all subjects in 6th grade for organizational purposes

For any questions, please contact Sarah Connolly

6th Grade


3          2 Pocket Folders/Plastic/Without Brads/ 5 different colors (purple, black, red)

1          Composition Notebook (green)          

1          3 Subject Spiral Notebook (Purple)

2          Composition graphing paper notebooks (do not need if your student is in advanced math)

2        1-inch binder (1 White) – For 2nd binder (Advanced Math- can be a ½ inch or 1 inch in any color other than white and a package of graphing paper.  Regular Math- any 1” Binder)

1          Set of basic dividers with tabs and labels

1          Pencil Case (not box) fabric 

2          12-Packs of Pencils #2 (pre-sharpened)

1          Package blue or black pens

1          Package black Sharpies

1          Scissors 

1          Rolls of Scotch Tape

4          Packs of Post-it Note Pads

1          5 packs highlighters (Must include Yellow, Green, Blue, and Pink)

1          Package index cards   

1          Calculator (five-function)

1          Ruler, plastic with “inches and centimeters” 

3          Boxes of facial tissues 

3          Containers of Clorox Wipes

2          Hand Sanitizer Pump Bottle

2          Reams of Copy Paper 

2          Packages loose-leaf lined paper

2          Packages loose leaf graph paper

3          Packages dry erase markers

1          Pair earbuds (not airpods) – these are NOT optional

2          Box Ziploc Freezer bags (1 box quart size and 1 box gallon size)

1          Packages of pencil top erasers

1          Package of staples

(Supplies may need to be replenished throughout the school year. Your child will let you know if they need more items.) 

7th & 8th Grade 

1 pack of stand size expo markers (black)

1 Package Expo Markers (multi colored)

3 Packages Clorox Wipes

2 boxes of tissues

2 reams of printer paper

1 roll of paper towels

1 package sharpies

1 Personal Pencil Bag

1 Scissors

1 Set ColoredMarkers

1 Package Glue Sticks

1 Package Colored Pencils

2 Boxes Pencils

1 Pair Headphones or earbuds

1 package of post its

1 package of Index cards

1 folder with pockets and brads

1 red ink pen 

1 package black or blue ink pens

 1 package highlighter markers

3  spiral notebooks

3  folders with pockets 

1 pack of loose-leaf lined paper

Mr Harvey’s Math Class- 2 graph paper notebooks (or 1 pack of graph paper and 1 3-subject spiral notebook)  For Ms. Connor’s Math class:  1 package graph paper and 1 ½” or 1” binder)

1 pack of Expo Marker (fine point)

Please provide a $100 materials/activity fee that will cover the cost of a number of Middle School initiatives, including the expansion of our STEM program, monthly subscriptions, technology upgrade for classrooms, chromebook sustainability, planners, and events. Please bring cash or check (make checks payable to William Roberts K-8) to the orientation or pay on My SchoolBucks (use the middle school student fee button)