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**CMAS Update

**Pictures for Continuation

**Carnival Volunteers Needed

**Our First Dance of the Year with an Updated Sign Up Genius

**Book Fair

**7th Grade Trip Update- Mark Your Calendars for our In Person Parent Meeting

**8th Grade Trip Update

**Snack Cart is Back

**Bill Roberts Night at the Rapids

**Science Fair

**Classroom Spotlight

**Important Dates


We are into our second week of CMAS and students are doing great!  Please make sure that your student is well rested and that their chromebooks are charged when they come to school!  Here is the schedule for the rest of the testing:

7/8th Grade-  Literacy- April 11th, 12th, and 13th   Math(6,7 and 8)- April 18th, 19th, and 20th

Science (8th Grade Only)-  April 25th, 26th and 27th 

If you know ahead of time that your child will be absent on any of these days please let us know right away so that we can schedule a make up exam.


We are starting to plan our continuation ceremony and would love your help!  We would love pictures of our current 8th graders from any time at their time here at Bill Roberts.  We would love pictures from classroom celebrations, sporting events, first day of school, etc.  Pictures can have just your 8th grader or a group of kids.  We are thinking if every family sends 2, we will get a good mix of pictures.  If your student is relatively new to Bill Roberts and you don’t have pictures from Bill Roberts, please just send in a picture or two of your student.  Pictures can be emailed to SARAH_CONNOLLY@dpsk12.org.  Thanks in advance for your help.


Middle School Student Volunteers Needed at the Carnival on Thursday, May 5th, 2022 to work one shift at either a game or food table. You will receive a FREE wristband to enjoy the other half of the Carnival if you volunteer!! A student must be in good standing and have the Permission Slip signed by a Parent or Guardian to participate. Please email Ashley Kernstock at akernstock@outlook.com if you would like your student to participate and send in your permission slip to Ms. Sarah no later than Friday, April 29th.  Permission slips will be available if you click here or your student can pick up a hard copy outside Dr Cohen’s office.  Any middle school student can sign up.  8th graders who sign up can get credit towards the hours that they need for San Diego.Check-in will be at 5pm at the Volunteer table to find out assignment and get your FREE wristband. 


To ensure a successful closure to the year and keep our students focused and engaged we are implementing some clear expectations.  There are a lot of fun activities to look forward to this spring and we want them to remain a celebration of student’s work and achievement.  We will send a hard copy home this week with those expectations to ensure we are all on the same page.


We are so excited to announce an all middle school dance on Friday, April 22nd from 6-8.  The theme will be Neon Future and tickets will be $5 (can be turned into the front desk in an envelope marked “dance” and the students name).  Thank you to everyone who has already signed up to help and donate.  Student council met last Friday and came up with a few more items that they thought would be fun.  Click here for the sign up genius.  


The book fair is coming soon (5/2-5/6) and we need volunteers to help set up, run registers (Ms. Cassi will be there to assist) and pack up. It is a fun and easy volunteering opportunity and raises money for our library. Sign up here to help:



There will be a parent meeting Tuesday, April 26th at 6:30 in person here at the school. 


The 8th Grade trip is just around the corner!


Our Student council will be selling snacks after school to raise money for future 8th grade trips.   This week they will be selling on Wednesday and Thursday after school out front.  


Bill Roberts will have a night at the Rapids Saturday April 30th.  The Rapids will donate $5 of each ticket we purchase to Bill Roberts PTA.  Click here for more details


Please help make sure that your students’ chrome book is in working order and charged for CMAS!  Thank you!

We would love to have snacks on hand for CMAS breaks.  Please sign up here to donate if you can.  

CMAS for middle school will run from April 5 to April 29.  Students will have no more than one test per day.  The schedule will be:

7/8th Grade-  Literacy- April 11th, 12th, and 13th   Math- April 18th, 19th, and 20th

Science (8th Grade Only)-  April 25th, 26th and 27th 

If you know ahead of time that your child will be absent on any of these days please let us know right away so that we can schedule a make up exam.


Our wonderful 6th grade science teacher, Ms. Braun is planning a science fair for this spring, April 29th. Start time is 1:00pm.


Ms. Braun- This week we have started our experiments for the science fair. There are things like; sugar crystals growing, bacteria being grown, even quail being hatched! Students are collecting data and are testing their hypothesis’ and will analyze their results. Experimenting will continue this week and into next. We will begin designing our trifold displays next week.

Mrs. Connor – 

6th Grade:  This week we are working on understanding and creating different ways to represent data.

7th Grade:  We are busy simplifying and factoring polynomials this week.

8A:  We are working on algebraic, segment and angle proofs this week.

8B:  We are reviewing a bit on data associations just to make sure we have covered all of our standards.

Mr. Harvey-. 7th grade students are reviewing how to measure circles and covering a variety of topics in preparation for our testing next week. 8th grade students are learning about how to find the volume of prisms like cylinders, cones, and spheres as well as doing a general concept review before the test next week. 

Mrs. Gallagher – Wow – these middle schoolers have worked so hard on their Literacy CMAS Exam so far this week. In addition to showing how much they have learned on their tests this week, 7th graders are also reading poetry and writing some of their own. 7th graders will also be choosing their next novel this week, which they will read in Literature Circles with classmates.  In 8th Grade we are reading and discussing To Kill A Mockingbird. If you’re reading along at home, we should be through Chapter 10 by the end of the week. 

Ms. Simmons-  This week, we are beginning a Comics/Graphic Novels/Political Cartoon mini-unit. We will look at the history of comics and how they have been used over time. Our goal is to draft and plan, write, and edit a short comic! 

Ms. Rodríguez-

My seventh graders learned the story of a girl from Planet Mars named Unicornia that goes to Planet Earth to meet a friend. Students worked in groups translating the tale into English without my help or any online translation tool. The best group translation will have a price in the next class. Seventh-grade students will learn the song ¿Adónde vas? (Where are you going?), and deepened into the verb “Estar.” (To be -temporary- in Spanish)

My eighth-graders did excellent speaking in Spanish during the movie talk activity, commenting on the short film “Carrot Crazy.”  They showed mastering of the verbs and vocabulary. They were able to explain in Spanish everything that was in the movie. Last week, eighth-grade students wrote an ENTIRE ESSAY in SPANISH! It was a surprise essay in which they needed to write a story with a clear beginning, middle, and ending based on a picture prompt. I am very proud of my students! They had 30 minutes to complete the tasks without any notes, pc, or signs on the wall.


Eat & Give-

Tuesday, April 19th, open to close

Mici, 2373 Central Park Blvd.

Use code BILLROBERTS online and in person

Tuesday, April 26th through Thursday, April 28th, open to close

HashTag, 10155 E. 29TH Dr.

Use code ROBERTS online and in person

Wednesday, April 27th, open to close

Torchy’s Tacos, 8281 E. Northfield Blvd.

Parent Meetings and Events-

April 20th 6:30- 8th Grade San Diego trip in person parent meeting

April 26th 6:30– 7th Grade YMCA trip meeting

Student Dates-

April 5th- April 29th- CMAS Testing

April 22nd– All Middle School Dance 

April 29th– Food Trucks

April 29th – Science Fair 1:00pm

May 2nd-6th – Math Interims

May 6th- Progress Reports Sent home

May 9th-11th- 7th Grade Trip to Estes Park

May 16th-20th- 8th grade finals

May 20th– 7/8th Grade Formal 

May 23 – 6th grade trip to International Towne

May 23rd-27th– 8th Grade Trip to San Diego

May 31st- Last day of classes for 8th grade

May 31st-June 1st- 6/7th Grade Finals

June 1st- 8th Grade Continuation

June 2nd- 6/7th Fun and Games Day

June 3rd- Last day of school