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**Spring Elective Choices for 7th and 8th Grade

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I hope everyone had a restful break and enjoyed time with family and friends. I also hope we all took extra precaution and remained safe. I knew I needed a break, but didn’t realize exactly how much. I returned to work yesterday, although tired, feeling pretty refreshed and rejuvenated. The next three weeks go by the fastest for me so I want to ensure I remain present with our students and teachers. The holidays can impact us all differently. We all bring experiences with us that inform how we react to the Holidays in particular. As an Israeli Jew, I grew up not having such a close connection to the holidays as we celebrate them in America. They were a time off of school, but they didn’t typically garner feelings of togetherness or warmth or any of the feelings holiday commercials and music invoke. When I was in Basic Training during the holidays, however, I had to console a lot of guys who felt differently. For some, it was their first Christmas away from home or a New Year’s without their girlfriend. It did teach me a little about understanding and respecting the experiences we all carry with us; and, even though I may not share them, I try to understand them and accept them as a truth someone holds dear. So, no matter your connection to, or feelings about the Holidays, I wish the next few weeks treat you all well and you find happiness somewhere. 


Good news! Due to the warm weather there will be an additional outdoor book fair (weather permitting) where families are invited:

Fri.  12/3,  12p – 3p

Mon. 12/6, 2:30p – 3:30p

The student-only book fair will be in the library during school hours. Students may purchase items during their library time.

Don’t want to give your student cash? No problem! Sign-up for an eWallet bit.ly/brbookfair. Give your student a secure, cash-free way to shop. Simply create a free account bit.ly/brbookfair, pre-authorize a spending limit, and have funds immediately available. Out of town relatives can contribute, too. 


7th and 8th grade students will be choosing new electives for next semester in the next few days.   Here are the choices they will be selecting from:

The following choices will be offered M/W/F and T/TH:

Art with Mr E- We will do some art with the kiln, canvases, water colors, and drawing. Both M/W/F and T/TH classes will follow a similar schedule.

Art with Ms. Mondragon-  We will explore a variety of different media:  various painting techniques, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, textile/fiber design, and mixed media projects.  This will be a repeat of the classes she offered this fall, so if you took it in the fall and would like to take it again it may be best to pick different days.

Teacher’s Assistant-  Help in one of the elementary school classrooms or the library.  You would help teachers with students, help with copying and filing work for students.  In the library you may help with students and shelving books

M/W/F Choices-

PE-  Traditional PE- 7th graders will have Mr. Bellis and 8th Graders will have Ms. Nadon.

Guitar 1- Ms. Beatty-  Learn how to play guitar!  No experience needed.

Yearbook-  Mr. Seeney- If you are interested in design, journalism, photography, advertising and being part of a fun group this is the elective for you!!  Be a part of making our 2021-2022 yearbook great!!

Yearbook Note-  There will be a meeting Tuesday 12/14 2:45-3:30 in Mr. Seeney’s room to discuss the yearbook elective and begin to assign roles for this years yearbook.  

T/TH Choices:

Yoga/ Physical Fitness- Mr. Bellis-This class will be focused on individual fitness

Game Makers- Ms Nadon- T/TH- A chance to be creative!   You and a partner will create your very own game, teach it to the class, and that will be what the class will play for the week.

Music Workshop-Ms. Beatty-  Experiment and learn about different instruments.  No experience needed!

Drama- Ms. Beatty

*Note:  On T/ TH Ms. Beatty will teach whichever choice has more students interested.  Either drama or music workshop


Thank you to everyone who ordered a wreath for our fundraiser!  They will be ready for pick up Thursday from 2:40-4:30.  They can also be picked up Friday from 12:30-1:30.  There will be a table out front if the weather is nice or we will be right inside the front door.  If neither of those times work for you email Sarah Connolly at SARAH_CONNOLLY@dpsk12.org and we can set up a time for you to come pick up your wreath.


If your child wants to sign-up for basketball, please click here! Last day to sign up is December 2nd. PLEASE SIGN-UP IF YOUR CHILD IS CONSIDERING IT! Absolutely no exceptions for late sign-ups. 

Tryout dates:

Our Flag Football team has a playoff game on Wednesday, 12/1 at 4pm at home! We would love as much fan support as possible! Come cheer on the Bobcats! 

Please checkout our Sports Newsletter with updates regarding sports + Player Spotlights! This week features 8th graders Ayden Douglas and Olivia Sears. 


Ms Davis – The 6th graders are using fraction strips, and manipulatives to model multiplication and division with fractions. The use of these tools will help solidify their understanding of what fraction division and multiplication actually means. 

Mrs. Connor – 6th Grade is reviewing and extending their knowledge of Rational Numbers.  We will also start the Circle Project this week – this will be completed mainly at home.

7th Grade is still working on perfecting their solving series of equations – we will extend that practice to inequalities this week.

The 8A group is working on a geometry review and Pythagorean Theorem are on the agenda this week.

The 8B group is using all sorts of  techniques to solve systems of equations and inequalities as we prepare to factor in the near future.

Mrs. Gallagher-  In Literacy, 8th graders are pairing Unbroken with primary documents from Japanese-American interment, looking at the documents and they novel through a critical and historical lens.  In 7th Grade, we are debating issues using the rhetorical triangle, including a counterclaim and rebuttal. 

Ms. Teutsch – We are wrapping up our Civil War unit by analyzing the Emancipation Proclamation and Gettysburg Address. Students have also had debates + discussions in class surrounding Civil War Statues in present day and which effect of the American Revolution most threatened the relations between the North and South. We will begin our final unit, Reconstruction, towards the end of this week and will get more into it during the last two weeks before break. Students are also working on their second Mock Trial, where every student is a lawyer! 


Wednesday, December 1st 8:30 am- Parent Advisory Committee Meeting

Thursday, December 2nd & Friday, December 3rd- Wreath Pick Up

Friday, December 3rd- Friday, December 10th-  Book Fair

Wednesday, December 8th 8;30 am- PTA Meeting

Tuesday, December 14th 2:45–  Info meeting for students taking yearbook elective

Monday, December 20th- Monday, January 3rd-  Winter Break