“William Roberts Middle School has been an exceptional experience for my child. After transferring from another middle school, we feel lucky to be here. My child feels safe and is growing academically. He loves his classes and teachers. My neighbor went to Roberts and is now taking honors classes as a freshman in high school.”
—Submitted by a parent 

At a Glance

  • Flexible curriculum to meet the individual needs of students.
  • Inter-grade level (vertical) collaboration among teachers.
  • Inquiry-based approach to learning with a focus on 21st Century Learning Skills.
  • Focus on cognitive thinking strategies to promote deeper level thinking – students are encouraged and expected to be able to explain their thinking.
  • Physical classroom environments maximize learning for the whole child – academic, social and emotional – and promote a warm community feel, as appropriate to a classroom’s learning needs.
  • Collaboration with previous teachers allow for seamless transition from grade to grade.
  • Math curriculum: Bridges Math in 1st-5th grades with supplemental teaching methods to match the students’ level(s) as needed; Singapore Math in Middle School.
  • Project-based learning – purposefully integrated curriculum that includes group work, research to completion and presentation skills that strengthen learning.
  • Highly qualified teachers committed to life-long learning: more than 85% have or are completing their Masters in Education.
  • Highly educated paraprofessionals (teacher assistants) at each grade level, some with teaching licenses and/or advanced degrees, creating a smaller teacher-to-student ratio.
  • 21st Century Learning includes group work, deeper level thinking processes across reading, math, writing, social studies and art.
  • Technology is an integrated part of all grades and subjects.
  • Inter-grade level mentoring and leadership, for example book buddies, math buddies and student assistants.
  • Starting in 2nd grade, team-teaching provides educator focus – a math/science teacher and a literacy teacher.
  • Extracurricular opportunities to extend learning include: National Geographic Spelling Bee, Semantics Club, Chess Club, Cooking Classes, Culture and Technology classes.

Instruction and Learning

At Bill Roberts, our team focuses on cognitive thinking strategies to promote deeper level learning.  Students here are encouraged, and expected, to be able to explain their thinking and problem solve in order to find resolution.

Our team shares a common belief in focusing on student strengths when it comes to academic performance and behavior rather than working from a deficit model. Physical classroom arrangements and environments maximize learning for the whole child, and promote a warm, comfortable, community-centric atmosphere for the students through the addition of things like comfy bean-bag filled reading nooks, dedicated creativity centers and highly mobile and configurable classroom seating.

Going Beyond the Classroom

We know that much of your child’s education will happen in the classroom, but believe that as a school we can do so much more.  Our teachers collaborate with students’ previous teachers and use their colleague’s insight and data to ensure a seamless transition from grade to grade. Bill Roberts also employs specialized, highly-qualified intervention teachers who are dedicated to the support and development of students at every level of instruction within the academic spectrum including those on the Gifted and Talented (GT) and Highly Gifted & Talented (HGT) spectrum, as well as those needing special education and/or English language acquisition.

A Focus on Health and Wellness

Strong minds need strong bodies.  At Bill Roberts we are committed to both the mental and physical growth and well being of our students. Our food program revolves around a scratch kitchen where meals are made from fresh ingredients each day, providing healthy and nutritious choices for our students.  We encourage physical wellness through our participation in programs like the 100 Mile Run Club, Boltage (a national program that promotes walking and biking to school), Girls on the Run, annual Field Days and Jump Rope For Heart, among others.

Always Striving to Be Better

Bill Roberts has been recognized as a Top Performing School and a High Growth School every year since 2009, and is the only Stapleton Elementary/E-8 school, and only one out of 19 DPS schools, to be awarded the Governor’s Award for Distinguished Improvement.

We’re not done, not even close.  Our commitment to excellence means we never stop improving.  We will continue to challenge ourselves and our team to be better, to do more, to inspire and engage, and to continue to build upon what we learn.  At Bill Roberts, the learning never ends.

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