Benefits of K-8

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Why K-8 school?

There has been on-going research throughout the years on the advantages of a K-8 education – the most recent reported by NPR was on a landmark study – one of the largest of its kind that supports the K-8 education model. Please take a moment to review:

Sixth Grade is Tough; It Helps to Be “Top Dog”

Published in: American Educational Research Journal – Social and Institutional Analysis, September 15, 2016

This growing body of research identifies the benefits of K-8 schools for middle school students, including a comprehensive new study (see link above). When compared to the traditional middle school model of grades 6-8, research shows that adolescent students (ages 12-14) who attend K-8 schools perform at higher levels than their traditional middle school peers, with both the academic and social/emotional needs of students better met at K-8 schools. Research shows that students who attend K-8 schools: