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Going Beyond the Classroom: Whole Child Education

We know that much of your child’s education will happen in the classroom, but believe that as a school we can do so much more. Our teachers collaborate with students’ previous teachers and use their colleague’s insight and data to ensure a seamless transition from grade to grade. Bill Roberts also employs specialized, highly-qualified intervention teachers who are dedicated to the support and development of students at every level of instruction within the academic spectrum including those on the Gifted and Talented (GT) and Highly Gifted & Talented (HGT) spectrum, as well as those needing special education.

Benefits of a K-8 Education

See link to a 2016 study on the K-8 Education Model.

“Sixth Grade is Tough, It Helps To Be Top Dog” study results as reported by NPR >

Bill Roberts has been recognized as a Top Performing School and a High Growth School every year since 2009, and is the only Central Park Elementary/K-8 school, and only one out of 19 DPS schools, to be awarded the Governor’s Award for Distinguished Improvement.

We’re not done, not even close. Our commitment to excellence means we never stop improving. We will continue to challenge ourselves and our team to be better, to do more, to inspire and engage, and to continue to build upon what we learn. At Bill Roberts, the learning never ends.