Daily Enrichment

Bill Roberts SMART lab students

Bill Roberts offers “Specials” or daily enrichment every day for all students Kinder through 8th grade that rotate to include:


“Visual arts education benefits the student because it cultivates the whole person, gradually building many kinds of literacy while developing intuition, reasoning, imagination, and dexterity into unique forms of expression and communication.”

Colorado Model Content Standards

The Bill Roberts Art Program teaches to the Visual Arts Standards defined by the Colorado Department of Education with an emphasis on Art History, technique, collaboration, deeper level thinking and cross curricular lessons. The program looks for opportunities within our district, community and at school to support programs and display our students’ work.

The consistent goal of the Bill Roberts art program is to promote student’s art and make art a vital part of the school and community. Students participate in district wide and school specific art shows as well as juried contest and programs. Some of the programs we have participated in are the DPS District Wide Show, Janus Student Art Buying Program, painting birdhouses with my Art Club for the Bill Roberts Auction, Buntport Theater – drawing to skit, DPS Safety Calendar Contest, Art Installation at the Central Park Recreation Center and playground banners with Learning Landscapes among others!

Students are assessed on Participation and Skill. Their skill level is assessed through a portfolio of work. Assessments are based on evidence of growth in understanding art processes, creating art and using it communicate and effort.

We are always happy to receive donations of arts and crafts supplies and containers for paints, etc. Also, if you have any interest in volunteering or know of any interested volunteers please talk to Andrea Mondragon. Particularly with the little ones, an extra set of hands is very much appreciated.


Shakespeare Club for 3rd, 4th & 5th Graders typically starts after school in January to prepare for the April DPS Shakespeare Festival.

At Bill Roberts we are excited to introduce children from Kinder through 8th grades to theatre and the benefits from participating in drama, building their skills in:

  • Creativity, enthusiasm, energy and a positive approach to life.
  • Ongoing confidence, self esteem.
  • Skill in verbal communication.
  • Effective social interaction.

The drama programs do not create one “star,” as we believe that all children are stars and the program strives to create opportunities for all children to shine.

Our Drama teacher creates curriculum using many resources, including the Colorado Theatre Standards.

In the primary grades, we focus on creating drama and in the intermediate grades the focus is more on performing.

Traditionally, the Drama classes participate in a Holiday program as part of a middle school enrichment class, a talent show in the spring, an evening performance in May and the Denver Public Schools Shakespeare Festival with around 80 students attending each year.


Volunteer in the library – Send an email

We are proud of our award-winning library!

The Colorado Department of Education recognizes Bill Roberts for its exemplary performance as a “Highly Effective School Library Program.”

Our library enhances the education of our students by teaching information literacy, research and technology skills, and by building a library program that supports the curriculum of our school and encourages students to read.

The mission of the library program is to ensure that all students are effective users and communicators of ideas and information. This includes equal and regular access to the library collection with individual guidance and assistance from the librarian. With more than 20,000 books hand-picked for our students, Bill Roberts has the largest libraries in the Denver Public School District.

Our students receive grade appropriate instruction to develop research and technology skills in order to locate, access, gather and synthesize and evaluate information in a variety of formats – both print and digital.

Bill Roberts hosts two nationally recognized Scholastic Book Fairs each year to promote reading and literacy and to raise money for our library – and the kids love them!


Just like other classes, our Music curriculum is based on state and national standards for the subject area. We are mainly using the Quaver Music Curriculum.

As students learn about the concepts and skills for these standards at their grade levels, they will also be acquiring these 21st century skills such as critical thinking and reasoning, information literacy, collaboration, self-direction and invention.

Colorado Academic Standards in Music are:

  • Expression of Music
  • Creation of Music
  • Theory of Music
  • Aesthetic Valuation of Music

Each grade level has a different experience with music and all grades will put on performances at some point during the school year.

Some highlights and additional opportunities at Bill Roberts:

  • All 3rd graders will use recorders
  • 5th grade Junior Bobcat Band
  • Middle School Bobcat Band
  • Middle School Choir
Physical Education

Physical Education Class

The curriculum changes every month, with units that help each age group develop their physical fitness skills. Your child will have a chance to try a variety of activities like:

Tumbling, Basketball, Dance, Fitness Circuits, Holiday Games, Jump Rope, Group Fitness, Walk/Jog/Run, Football, Handball, Volleyball, Softball, Soccer, Golf and more!

Bill Roberts uses the SPARK Curriculum along with the LEAP Framework to provide a meaningful Physical Education and Dance program for all students.

SPARK Physical Education was designed to encourage maximum participation during class time. Active participation and practice in a positive, non-threatening atmosphere, help improve children’s physical skills, fitness, social development and personal enjoyment.

The curriculum is designed to introduce standards-based, developmentally appropriate activities without overwhelming students or teachers.

SPARK promotes quality, daily, physical education for ALL children. Bill Roberts provides 40-80 minutes of PE time per week, depending on the grade level needs.