Spirit Wear & Uniform Dress Code

Students with spirit wear

Middle School students can wear spirit wear shirts with dress code bottoms every day and elementary students can wear spirit wear shirts on Fridays!

Dress Code Shirts

Solid colors only: light blue, black, white, burgundy/maroon, grey or navy

Dress Code Bottoms

Solid colors only: black, navy, grey or khaki


Solid colors: black, navy or khaki



Solid colors: black, navy, khaki, grey, burgundy/maroon

Store of your Choice

Parents can buy the uniform/dress code pieces at a store of their choice as long as it meets the requirements of the uniform/dress code. Uniform dress code clothing can be found at AmazonSmile.com and French Toast, which include a donation to our school, as well as Lands End, WalMart, JC Penney’s and the Gap, among other stores.