Middle School

8389-Five-5th-graders-on-grass-e1397074079736Everything you would want in a middle school is at Bill Roberts – support, nurturing environment, academic rigor, enrichment opportunities, amazing teachers, consistency and the chance to do many electives and sports to round out the educational experience.”
 Parent of 5th and 6th grade students

According to DPS Superintendent Tom Boasberg, our exceptional middle school team has earned the distinction of producing one of the highest rates of year-on-year academic progress of any of the State’s 20 largest school districts, including 2,000 schools.

A few highlights about academics and whole child education at Bill Roberts:
    • Standing alone (without consideration of our elementary grades), our 6th-8th grade SPF is 82.8%, exceeding the mark for a distinguished school


    • Our growth for all students (those needing extra help, and those already advanced) is in the top 1% in Colorado– higher than any other school in the Stapleton/Park Hill Boundary


    • Our middle school teachers have top-level experience, knowledge, passion and skill


    • We earned top ranking in NE boundary area in the most recent DPS Middle School student survey about their educational experience:
      100% of our students believe they are getting a good education, that homework is valuable and relates to what they learn and that teachers care about how they are doing in their classes


    • And ranked number #1 in these specific areas:
      students feeling challenged, students feeling safe, students feeling supported by their teachers


Roberts is the only school in this boundary that provides both the proven social emotional benefits of an ECE-8 and academic excellence… according to overwhelming research, the two go hand-in-hand.  When students feel secure, confident and safe, they can focus on learning….
RISE at Roberts Middle School!

Bill Roberts Middle School gives students a foundation for a lifelong love of learning.  We provide an optimal environment for emotional and social stability and foster a true sense of community.

Many of our students begin their journey at Roberts in ECE at the young age of three and continue through 8th grade continuation, benefitting from unprecedented continuity both in curriculum, social engagement and overall community. The walls of our school seed meaningful relationships with mentors and friends, character development and genuine passion for learning.

At Roberts, students feel a deep connection to our school because we are a family. Our vibrant community celebrates each child as an individual for their unique learning styles and extracurricular interests.  Parents, teachers and our administrative team partner to support students during this sensitive time of growth and change, and to build confidant, prepared and successful high school students.

In the primary years, Roberts encourages our students to develop personal and community values by exhibiting PROUD behavior (Prepared, Respectful, Outstanding Effort, United Community, Determined).

Our rising middle-schoolers are poised and ready for the next building blocks of character development including academic challenge and social responsibility. We guide our Middle School students to RISE up and meet the next level of growth and achievement.

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  • Flexible instruction supports ALL learning styles
  • Numerous academic support resources and enrichment programs include Gifted and Talented, Intervention, and Exploratory Learning Programs
  • Promotes critical and solution-based thinking, giving students opportunities to take ownership of their learning
  • Prepares students for rigorous curriculum in high school including AP and IB programs, and establishes a sturdy foundation for higher education

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  • Focuses on cognitive thinking strategies to promote deeper level thinking
  • Project-based and experiential learning with Middle School field trips to San Diego, Avid4 Adventure and more
  • Interactive online learning
  • Emphasizes integrated learning to develop important life skills
  • Award winning teachers

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  • We track growth from kindergarten through 8th grade
  • Friendly and authentic community cultivates deep and meaningful relationships
  • All students encouraged to participate in clubs and sports teams
  • Clubs and sports teams open to ALL students
  • High sibling retention and strong family connections

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  • Strong relationships with staff and peers help students identify and develop their strengths and talents
  • Students feel valued and safe
  • Teachers and staff support the whole child: academically, socially and emotionally
  • Deep commitment to community service and giving back in ALL communities

Going Beyond the Basics:
Electives, “No-Cut” Sports & Community Service

Cooking (enrichment)
Drama and Advanced Drama
Multi-Media Technology
PE  (Includes Climbing and Yoga)
STEAMLab (Core class)
Spanish (Core class)
Student Council
Teacher Aide Program
Yearbook (A Creative Thinking GT Special)
Bobcat News (Club)

A No-Cut School
Visit our Sports Highlights Page
Early Fall
Cross Country
Boys Soccer

Late Fall
Girls Volleyball

Boys Basketball (7th/8th)
Girls Basketball (7th/8th)

Girls Soccer
Boys Baseball
Girls Basketball (6th)
Boys Basketball (6th)