Accelerated Kindergarten

Students in garden

Accelerated Kindergarten classrooms are designed for students who are kindergarten ready with exceptional curiosity, attention span, interests, and verbal or mathematical ability.

Accelerated Kindergarten began in the 2018-19 school year specific to Bill Roberts and replaces the former Advanced Kindergarten program that was ended by Denver Public Schools in 2018. Bill Roberts hosted Advanced Kindergarten for 11 years before DPS ended the program. We continue to support “Advanced Kindergarten” which is now identified as Accelerated Kindergarten. We plan to have two Accelerated Kindergarten classes and three traditional Kindergarten classes. AK classrooms will follow the same curriculum as our traditional classes with the addition of more depth and breadth of subject matter. Testing and placement for Accelerated Kindergarten will follow first round choice decision notification in Spring. The Accelerated Kindergarten program is a part of the full-day Tuition-Free Kindergarten.

Children in Accelerated Kindergarten show the following traits:

The Accelerated Kindergarten program is NOT an identifier for the Gifted and Talented or Highly Gifted and Talented programs.

Students must by five years old by October 1st of the year they enter kindergarten.