Students in classroom

Kindergarten is an incredible year filled with creating, wondering and reading, counting, playing, creative exploration, writing and working together so that every child can reach their potential and become and integral part of our community.

Bill Roberts is home to five full-day tuition-free kindergarten classes. As part of our team, each class has a para-professional who assists the classroom teacher for half of the school day.

Our kindergarten program provides a safe and nurturing environment that promotes and supports the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of each child. All kindergarten instruction is in alignment with the district’s standards and curriculum.

Here’s a sample schedule

Reading Workshop

Whole group instruction (including read-aloud, mini-lessons and shared reading) small guided group instruction and independent reading.


Bill Roberts uses the DPS curriculum and supplements or extends it as needed with other teaching curriculum to meet the needs of our students’ growth.

Kindergarten Common Core State Standards include:

Writer’s Workshop

Whole group mini-lesson and then kids work independently or in small groups on writing, response journals, poems and a variety of other writing goals. Often, students decide on the content of what they will write about or it may be tied to a genre.

There is a focus whole group lesson, small group time and one-on-one time with teacher and student, and student reflection time.

Center and Explore Time

Encourages social and emotional growth and develops fine and gross motor skills. Here are a few of our busy Centers: Reading Area, Dramatic Play, Sand and Water, Math, Writing, Computer, Painting, Legos, Building, Science, Art

We also have reading buddies – a time when our kindergarten kids are matched up with a students in another grade. We get to know them well throughout the year and enjoy reading and learning with them.

Our kindergarten has grown over the years and we have some traditions that are loved by all! Ask your neighbors about: Poetry Night and Author Parties, Thanksgiving Feast, 100th Day, Field Trips, Field Day and Jump Into 1st Grade!

For information on Kindergarten standards, visit Colorado Academic Students Standards online here.

Your child must turn five before October 1st for Kindergarten to be enrolled in a program for the upcoming academic year.

Enrollment information is available on the School Choice website.