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The William “Bill” Roberts School Mission


Roberts E-8 is a creative, safe, and dynamic community of learners that nurtures and educates the whole child.

Our high-caliber staff, in partnership with our supportive parents, provides students with challenging and innovative learning opportunities through exploring the arts, educating for character, and fostering vigorous thinking — all essential for success in our changing world.


Benefits of an E-8:

  • Smaller class sizes at an E-8.
  • Teachers work with fewer students — 45-60 compared with 120-150 at a middle school model.
  • Families are more invested; there is more parent participation and our parents generously contribute additional school operating funds through the active PTA. Students in an ECE-8 are part of the school community potentially for 9 continuous years.  Students are recognized and known throughout the school as they grow and transition into high school.
  • Families are able to remain together longer with siblings attending at the same location.
  • Mentoring between the upper and lower grades benefits entire school.
  • Students gain leadership skills learned from moving up the grades.
  • Easier transition from 5th to middle school.
  • A more appropriate transition at the 9th grade.  By this time the child has figured out their strengths and is able to make a better high school choice.
  • It is confidence-building to be in a safe environment during adolescence.
  • Fewer discipline issues and attendance problems.
  • Less incidence of drug use.
  • Less incidence of police presence at an E-8 than at a middle school.
  • Less time transitioning through hallways, and more time in the classroom.
  • Earlier start and release times at nearby middle schools can result in children being unsupervised for a longer period of time after school.
  • Students get to participate in more sports and clubs at an E-8.  A smaller population increases playing time on sports teams.
  • Less achievement loss from transitioning to a middle school due to learning continuity.
  • Higher test scores at E-8s, compared to traditional middle school models.
  • Future drop out rate of 11% less than students who attended a middle/junior high.

Information gathered from online resources for best practices and successful school configuration.

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