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Friday Message 10/2/2020

Good Day Families, You continue to amaze us.  Even in the midst of a pandemic, during the heart of remote learning while we are transitioning into both the in-person and virtual platform this community has generously donated $33,000 on Thursday.  AContinue Reading

Friday Message 9/25/2020

Good day, Fall is in the air and the school has been bustling with unusual activity all week.  Unusual only compared to past traditional years.   We are not preparing for our annual Middle School sponsored  “Trick or Treat” streetContinue Reading

10 in 10

Click HERE to help raise $10k in the next 10 hours! A LOT has changed this year, but one thing hasn’t — Bill Roberts is STILL AWESOME. But, we need your help to stay that way. We can’t have Greet & Give partiesContinue Reading

Midweek Message 9/22/202

Return to in Person Learning We realize that there is a lot of concern around a “Safe Return to School.”  While the plan may appear to be fairly simple, the process around its completion is very complex. The original plan was startedContinue Reading

Friday Message 9/18/2020

Good Day Families,  It has been quite the finish of week four for kids, parents and staff.  Undoubtedly, the remote learning environment has tested us all in different ways.  Clearly, it has been a wonderful opportunity to be able to spendContinue Reading

Return to School Plan

Good Evening BR Parents/Guardians,  Please watch the following video for information regarding our Return to School plan. We hope you have a wonderful evening.  Thanks,  Trich Lea, Principal

Friday Message

Good Day Families,  Our classrooms are in full force with active learning already occurring.   The adult learning continues each Friday during our PLC time when the staff gathers after dismissal.   We frequently receive questions about our early dismissal andContinue Reading

Friday Message

Good Day Families,  Week two is underway and it is our hope that students are becoming more independent and engaged in remote learning.  Teachers are working hard to make learning enjoyable and rigorous in both live and asynchronous settings.  WeContinue Reading

Welcome Back ECE September 14th!

Hello Bill Roberts Families, We have some good news to share:  we will be bringing back our ECE students on September 14th!  There will be health and safety measures put in place but it will be a joy to haveContinue Reading

Friday Message

Good Day Families,  Rare, unusual, odd, erratic, abnormal, and even disturbing may be the start of a few descriptive words to explain the past few months. Exciting, exhausting, rejuvenating, and uplifting are a few of the words to describe the past five days. Continue Reading

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