“Until I was involved I didn’t realize how much happens because of volunteer parents. Come join us!” – Mom of Kindergarten, 1st and 3rd graders



Why Volunteer?
Your child benefits ~ Meet nice people ~ Get to know teachers, staff and other parents ~ We match jobs to interests and skills ~ There’s a lot to be done ~ The work is rewarding ~ We honor your time constraints ~ Some volunteer work can be done from home ~ We have fun!

There are many ways to volunteer at Bill Roberts. No amount of time is too small. Keep in mind that many of these roles have a process in place and other parents to help you, so you don’t have to start from scratch, we promise! If you are interested in volunteering to support a committee or are looking for committee descriptions please go to our committee sign up here.

Volunteer FAQs

I want to volunteer at the school during the day. What are my options?

There are many options for volunteering at the school.  Some suggestions would be to volunteer to be a room parent by contacting Laura Zerbe (laurazerbe@gmail.com) or you can sign up to volunteer in the library, the Food Bank committee, the Welcoming committee, Garden Committee, or 100 mile club.

My schedule does not allow me to volunteer during the day but I would still love to help.  Are there things I can do from home?

You can sign up to help with the Directory or Thursday Notes.  Also many of the events we plan have opportunities to help from home, including the Auction, Carnival, Direct Giving, Family Dance and Fun Run.

I really like to plan events.  Are there events at Bill Roberts that need volunteers?

Bill Roberts has many events throughout the year that need volunteers.  The Auction, Carnival, Family Dance, Book Fairs, and Fun Run.

I am a dad, and would really love an opportunity to help the school and get to know other dads.  Do you have a committee for me?

Yes!  Sign up for the WatchD.O.G. S.  They are a group of dads that meets periodically and helps out with different projects around the school.


A complete list of PTA volunteer committees are also listed below for reference. Contact information for committee leaders is available on the PTA contact page.

100 Mile Club:This club encourages fitness at Bill Roberts by giving students an opportunity to run at the school before their school day begins.

Help Wanted! 100 Mile Club Committee Members! Sign up here!

ART Support & Original Works: Help our art teacher coordinate displays of the kids’ fantastic works throughout the school! Assist with projects like the “Original Works Program,” auction projects and decorations for events like the Book Fair, the school dance and the art show.

ART Support & Original Works:Help our art teacher coordinate displays of the kids’ fantastic works throughout the school! Assist with projects like the “Original Works Program,” auction projects and decorations for events like the Book Fair, the school dance and the art show.

Auction:  A great party that happens every spring! It is a great community builder and fundraiser for our school.

Help Wanted! Auction Committee Members! Sign up here!

Boltage:Encourage children to bike or walk to school by organizing and managing the programs logistics and awarding children when they reach walking/biking goals.

Help Wanted! Boltage Representative! Sign up here!

Book Fair:The book fair committee manages the book fair which happens twice a year, once in late November/early December and the other in May. This committee helps plan the book fair and also works shifts during the book fair week.

Help Wanted! Book Fair Committee Members! Sign up here!

Box Tops:We collect and send in box tops to earn money for Bill Roberts

Carnival: Our Spring family and community event.  A great way to end the year.

Help Wanted! Carnival Chair and Committee Members! Sign up here!

Community Recognition:  This position coordinates nominations to recognize outstanding volunteers, staff and studentsEvery month to six weeks, you coordinate with the teacher that handles the nominations and get the winners (one each from ECE-1, 2-5, 6-8, staff and parent).  Then you coordinate with Mandy from Jim n Nick’s and an administrator to figure out a time to present the kids with their awards.  You let the kids’ parents (and the parent winner) know when the presentation will be, show up, take some pictures and get them up on the wall.

Help Wanted! Community Recognition! Sign up here!

CSC:The CSC is a separate entity from the PTA, but works closely with PTA. The Collaborative School Committee (CSC) is comprised of our principal, four teachers, four parents or guardians, a community member, and a school staffer. The CSC creates and implements the school improvement plan, reviews school budgets and helps to determine the school staffing, among other things.  Meetings are monthly and updates are presented at PTA meetings.

Direct Giving: Our Direct Giving Committee plans fundraising parties in the fall.

Help Wanted! Direct Giving Committee Members! Sign up here!

Directory: Our directory committee keeps our online directory current!

 Help Wanted! Direct Giving Committee Members! Sign up here!

EduKit: This committee organizes the classroom supply lists and delivery of school supplies in the fall.

Family Dance:Help organize school dances, events and guest speakers throughout the school year. The events may be educational or recreational, and are meant to bring the community together to inform or enhance the lifelong learning of our families.

Help Wanted! Family Dance Chair and Committee Members! Sign up here!

Food Bank:This committee has a weekly task of preparing and packing grocery bags of food for Bill Roberts families who sign up to benefit from the school food pantry. About once a month we pick up a food order from Food Bank of the Rockies.

Help Wanted! Food Bank Committee Members! Sign up here!

Fun Run: In the fall, Bill Roberts hosts a 5K and Family Fun Run at school. Hundreds come for the fun each year, with classes and families taking on the run and the costume contest! This event is a fundraiser and helps build community at Bill Roberts!

Help Wanted! Fun Run Co-Chair and Committee Members! Sign up here!

Garden: Bill Roberts has great gardens that support our science and wellness curriculum. The garden committee helps facilitate spring planting and fall harvests as well as general maintenance throughout the year.

Help Wanted! Garden Committee Members! Sign up here!

Library Support:Support the media center by coordinating volunteers to help put away books, organize the library and manage the book fairs.

Help Wanted! Library Chair and Committee Members! Sign up here!

Membership:Host membership drives to recruit families to join the PTA, report the membership list twice a year to the Colorado PTA, distribute membership cards and staff a membership table at key school events as needed. Learn more about the PTA and join today!

Help Wanted! Membership Chair! Sign up here!

Middle School Support:Liaison between the middle school and the PTA. Middle School parents are needed to help organize special events, create new programs, identify needs, support fundraising efforts and be the voice our of middle school.

Help Wanted! Middle School Committee Members! Sign up here!

P.E./Dance:Help the P.E. teacher coordinate Field Day and other events. The Committee also assists in creative creative ways to add new sports equipment to the program.

Help Wanted! P.E. Committee Members! Sign up here!

Spanish Support: Support Spanish in our school by assisting the Spanish teacher.

Help Wanted! Spanish Support Chair and Committee Members! Sign up here!

Staff Support:Coordinate teacher appreciation activities and encourage volunteerism in the classroom. Specifically, act as liaison for room parent for each classroom and communicate special needs to the parents throughout the year, assist class parents in putting together teacher “wish lists” for each classroom, organize the collection of homemade baked items at Thanksgiving for the teachers and staff and coordinate the event calendar for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Help Wanted! Staff Support Co-Chair! Sign up here!

Third Party Fundraisers: This committee helps to coordinate Bill Roberts restaurant events where a portion of the money raised on a particular date or dates is donated back to the school for any orders mentioning Bill Roberts. Past events have included restaurants such as Chipotle.

Thursday Notes:Gather, edit and publish information from PTA committees, school staff and administration to deliver via email each Thursday.

Safety and Security: Help the school administration and DPS to analyze safety and security issues at Bill Roberts to ensure the safety of the students and staff.

Help Wanted! Thursday Notes Committee Member! Sign up here!

Safety and Security: Help the school administration and DPS to analayze safety and security issues at Bill Roberts to ensure the safety of the students and staff.

Help Wanted! Safety and Security Committee Members! Sign up here!

Sponsorship: Work with community businesses to secure partners as sponsors to help raise funds for school programming.

Help Wanted! Sponsorship Committee Members! Sign up here!

Watch D.O.G.S:A group for fathers and guardians that volunteers time assisting with designated programs and activities at the school. Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) was formed to engage families, inspire children, reduce bullying and enhance the educational environment at Bill Roberts and the Stapleton Community.

Help Wanted! Watch D.O.G. Committee Members! Sign up here!

Wellness: Supports and initiates wellness initiatives in our school that include the 100 Mile Run Club and other special programs as needed.

Help Wanted! Wellness Committee Members! Sign up here!

Welcome: Reaches out to interested families and welcomes them into the Bill Roberts Community. The committee organizes weekly tours of the school for prospective parents and students during the enrollment season. They also coordinate an Open House for prospective Kindergarten, ECE and Middle School families, as well as the Kindergarten Welcome party each spring.

Help Wanted! Welcome Committee Members! Sign up here!

Website:Keeps families and the community informed by keeping the school website up-to-date.

Interested in helping? Sign up here today!