Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Kindergarten & Advanced Kindergarten

Our kindergarten program provides a safe and nurturing environment that promotes and supports the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of each child. All kindergarten instruction is in alignment with the district’s standards and curriculum. Please visit our Kindergarten page for more info.

Accelerated Kindergarten classrooms are designed for students who are kindergarten ready with exceptional curiosity, attention span, interests, and verbal or mathematical ability.Accelerated Kindergarten is a new program specific to Bill Roberts that replaces the former “Advanced Kindergarten”  program that was recently ended by DPS  For more information, please visit the Accelerated Kindergarten page.

Elementary at a Glance (During a Normal School Year)


Also see more information on the Curriculum Highlights page.

Our teachers focus on student strengths when it comes to academic performance and behavior rather than working from a deficit model. They use several instructional approaches to support different learning styles and focus on cognitive thinking strategies to promote deeper level thinking. Students here are encouraged, and expected, to be able to explain their thinking, and problem solve in order to find resolution.

Our school creates a strong sense of community and has excellent teacher retention that lets our staff know the kids and families on an individual level as they grow.

Numerous enrichment programs and intervention resources enhance our students’ learning, including Book Buddies, assembly and PTA-sponsored extracurriculars like 100 Mile Run Club, BR Giving Week, Field Day and other leadership opportunities.

As the only K-8 public school in the Northeast Denver boundary, Bill Roberts offers a whole child education with the benefits that come with K-8 education: read more here!